To Cut or Not to Cut: The Ultimate Guide to Making a Decision About a Guy

Eric Cameron
10 min readMar 12, 2023


What do men feel like when you let them go? Do they feel like they will be sad? Do they really want to? The decision to cut someone off can be among the most difficult decisions that a person will ever make. It is possible to wonder what the person feels when you break up with him after a relationship ends no matter if it was a close relationship or one that was difficult.

Your absence makes you be skeptical about your own mental health It’s causing you to be a mess mentally. You know you don’t have him as the source of your joy, and that you don’t have the right to want to see your ex-partner again.

When you cut him off, it’s like a part of you has disappeared. Similar to the lyrics Taylor Swift penned in her song “The Story of Us” with lyrics which go as follows: “And I’m dying to find out. Are you suffering as I’m killing myself ?” That’s the reason why you’d want to know how your people feel after cutting them off, if they experience any emotion at all.

You’d like to realize that the decision you took to let him go has had an an emotional impact on his soul and was not worth it. In answer to my initial question, what do people feel when you break them up?

What happens when you Cut a Guy Off?

Here’s what I’m convinced happens to a person when you cut off his limbs:

They’re curious about why you Did What You Did

When they are aware of what they’re looking for, men are determined. If you cut the guy off your actions will increase his curiosity about you. Guys aren’t afraid to risk everything to reach their goals. Now that you’ve caught his curiosity, he’ll surely want to win your respect.

He’ll try another approach, spying around to see whether you’re in love with him have gone away completely. He’ll try breaking the relationship by texting or calling you in the middle of the night. You can cut him off if you’re looking to turn the tables and not chase after an individual. You’ll demonstrate to him how you’re able to exist without him, and you’re not dependent from him in order to become content and prosperous.

Another rejection could be their Most Fearful

Nothing is more hurtful than having the person you believed would always be there and then turn them away. You experience an emotional rollercoaster which you aren’t able to be able to get over. The person you love will surely be upset that you abruptly ended your contact with him. Particularly if you decided to break up with him because he had done something that made you feel angry and he was totally unaware of it.

It is impossible to predict what someone’s reaction to rejection, however. There are some people who spend time with friends each night with the intention of drowning out their real emotions and not having to confront their feelings. They’ll go to the extreme to avoid confronting the truth. Others, on the other hand, might take it as a sign that you’re difficult to obtain and may attack you more aggressively.

This is the issue with men and rejections. Guys don’t know what they should do when they are the first one to leave. Most of the time, they think they are entitled to leave, however it’s not the situation. Now that this is happening to you He is likely to find an opportunity to claim you.

Insecurity is the biggest threat to him.

The great thing about partnerships is that they help you feel great about yourself because you have someone who is genuinely happy with who you are and what you do. Your self-esteem and confidence are at an all-time high, and you don’t think that you are not worthy. If you’re not with a friend with you However, all the confidence and confidence disappears.

The discomfort gets to the surface and you start worrying whether you’ll be good enough to do any task. If you cut him down and decide to ignore him, this is exactly that what will happen to you. His self-esteem has been greatly damaged, and he’ll try to justify his emotions.

He starts to doubt his masculinity , and whether or not he’s attractive in any way. When he sees himself at his mirror, he no more thinks he’s male. He then reveals his real face and reveals that he’s not the man you believed you were. If they’re judged by someone who is important to them, men aren’t much different from women.

One will often wonder what other people have that they don’t have, and he will attempt to make changes in order to attract the person back. Sometimes they’ll pretend that they’ve left however this isn’t the reality. Women, as well as men, have feelingsand need to deal with them prior to looking for an appropriate partner. If he truly loved you, don’t count on that he will forget about you afterwards. It’s only a matter of time until reality begins to kick into.

His zeal to win you Repay You Will Sky Fly

Many men, to be honest are unable to accept that girls don’t desire them. They think that all women would want to be with them and they could hold each woman in their hands. If you’re in a relationship that was almost a friendship and are seeking ways for giving him that boost you need and this is the method to do it.

In this case, adhering to your no-contact policy is probably the smartest choice you can make since the person will be swarming around you within a matter of minutes. He’ll do anything to make sure your attention is paid only to him, and not else. The desire to meet you increases and he’s not likely not stop till he gets an enthusiastic answer from you.

On the other hand that, if you just want to rid yourself of him, it could be quite a hassle since the guy will likely bombard you with text messages and calls. Even if you’ve declared that you did not want to be contacted by him in the future He might turn at your workplace or even surprise you with a meal.

Why cutting him off makes him Feel he’s missing you?

There are a variety of reasons why your ex will be missing you when you break up with him. The length of time that it takes for your ex-partner to be missing you depends entirely on what’s happening inside the head of your ex. One of the most tragic things about life is that the majority of people don’t appreciate how important someone is until they’ve lost them.

It’s likely that this won’t happen immediately because any contact is made without time. It is unclear the length of time it’ll take since everyone lives their lives in different ways. Particularly, males are creatures that thrive on routine. When you take a drastic action, like cutting off his supply and introducing the possibility of uncertainty in his existence.

He may feel disorientation and despair due to that degree of uncertainty. Be aware, however that someone may be very sad when they truly care about you. It won’t occur in a substantial way or even at all if they hasn’t ever cared about you. You’ll be aware the fact that you took away his attention, but he’ll do nothing to change it because it doesn’t cause him to miss your presence or even want to be with to see you in any way.

To clarify my reasons. I have listed 3 reasons the reasons I believe the guy will not miss you when you cut his off.

A. He Wants Your Attention Pay To Him

Attention? You’ve offered him plenty of it, particularly when he was in need of it. If you enjoyed a great relationship with him, and there were instances in his life where the things he needed were received from you, this could cause a lot of stress for him because your stability was taken from him suddenly.

The absence of interaction with someone they love might cause them to reevaluate their emotions and thoughts about your relationship with them. He might not be able to admit it to you and may think it’s not his intention to care for you however, this isn’t the truth.

B. He longs for the good Things You Did for Him

If you cut him off, he’ll be able to see that you’re no longer with him. The realization will lead anxiety and fear because he is aware that he’ll be losing these things with no preparation or caution. When the happiness he experienced in your company are taken of him you’ll realize how important they were.

He’ll be missing the things that he thought was normal too. He’ll miss things that were familiar and comforting for him like how you stayed with him and supported him through difficult situations.

C. Memory Of Your Relationships Will Remain In His Mind

You’ve displayed some amazing traits that he admires in women However, he also appreciates the way you and he been able to travel this world with each other, shared dinner together and spent a lot of time in each other’s company. He’ll feel like nobody else is for him on the exact extent as you were — especially in the worst of times.

The relationship wasn’t always smooth There were moments that he was deeply connected to you, in ways which were unforgettable in the moment. He’ll now be feeling like there’s something missing in his life.

What is the right time to cut him Off?

Patterns are the most reliable indicator of where to go when cutting someone off. They are useless when they’re not backed by actions. As actions are more important than words, patterns have precedence over actions.

Take an extra step and think about the bigger picture, the relationships. This will help you differentiate between the emotional memories that are associated with love affairs between couples and the truth behind their pattern. If he’s done any of these things is a signal to end his relationship:


It’s a simple fact It’s a no-brainer. He lost your trust and respect because he was self-centered to care about your feelings. It is best to avoid any sort of relationship with a former partner who is cheating on you. There’s no rational reason for why someone would believe that cheating is acceptable.

Like everyone else, need someone more than cheater. Be sure to believe me in saying once you’ve let him go, your ex will miss you. You’ll think about him for hours trying to determine the reason for what transpired. Be sure that he isn’t happy about choosing someone else over you, and enforce no-contact and allow him to pay for his decisions.

Abuse (No No Matter What Type Of Abuse it Takes)

If your ex has abused you, it’s evident that you need to end the relationship for ever. It’s best to take him out; he’ll regret it and regret not being able to come back to the embrace of his. The hands that offered you the security you needed were not going to happen again.

How Long Do You Need to Cut him off?

Every relationship comes with particular situations, and you have to decide if you’d like to give him another chance or remove him from your life. When you’ve have cut him off the moment you do, he’ll realize that the fact that you’re no longer part of his life, and that he’s lost a beautiful woman. He’ll start to grieve for you.

But, even if he doesn’t like you, doesn’t mean that he’s suddenly going to become the ideal companion who will treat you with respect. This doesn’t mean the relationship will change when he’s back with you. In fact it’s possible to think about reuniting with him in the event that you ended your relationship over minor disagreements. Most likely, he’ll feel as if you’ve made a huge mistake and will be eager to make amends by asking forgiveness.

Will He Call You Following He’s Cut Off?

The probability of this happening depends on the circumstances of you ended your romance and also the reason you ended your relationship with him. In any case, he’ll be looking for you and attempt to get in touch with you. If he is unable to reach you, he’ll try another approach. If the person truly loves you, this could take place.

If he walked away from you because he believes that your relationship is a terrible mistake, he will not make the same mistake again. He doesn’t have a reason to return to a girl whom he does not like. These words may be a bit harsh however I’m sure that a strong, confident woman like you will understand the message I’m trying to convey.

There’s no guarantee that he’ll be able to remember you or get in touch with you. However, remember that what’s meant to you will not pass your by. The things that are meant for you will find you. If he’s not the right one for you, know you’re not alone. there’s always another wonderful person who is waiting to see you and be with you for the remainder of their lives.


What do guys feel like in the event of a cut? You might be wondering how a man feels in the event of cutting him off in the event of the relationship ends regardless of whether it was an almost-relationship or one that was difficult.

You must realize that the decision you made to leave him had an emotional impact on his soul and was not in the wrong way. Every relationship comes with unique circumstances which is why you need to consider whether you’d like to give an alternative or remove him from your life.

Do you think he will contact you following having cut him off? The chance of this happening depends on how you ended your relationships and the reason you ended your relationship with him.