Timing is Key: When is the Best Time to Boost on Tinder?

Eric Cameron
9 min readMar 13, 2023

If you’re seeking a fast method to increase the numbers of people you meet on Tinder then you’re in the right place. If you can pinpoint the ideal time to boost your numbers on Tinder and the best time to begin conversations, you’ll be able to boost your number of matches to insane!

It is recommended to open an essentially new account (at minimum three months) and not have more than two or three matches per day, as Tinder connects to your account every time you access it to make new matches.

What are Tinder Boosts?

Tinder Boosting is a method of quickly obtaining matches via Tinder. It takes away the stress in searching for matches on or off. By using Tinder’s boosts you will be able to get several dates within an extremely short time and without having to talk to them or sending them a message.

The most common first experience for people to meet online is by flirting on text messages. Tinder is a fantastic way to have live, face-to-face interactions.

The issue many face is that, when they finally get to meet someone in person they don’t have many things to say. This is often viewed as embarrassing and could also lead to less matches on your next swipe.

How does it work? It’s simple. With Tinder Boost, all you must pay is to pay for an account to access them immediately. Tinder Boost.

Tinder Boosting has been around since a while and there are a variety of businesses that provide the service in various ways. There are both paid and free options, however, they all have the same goal: To get you the most matches possible and improve your profile’s value.

What’s the best time to Get Boosted On Tinder?

The time at which the first time you meet on Tinder is vitally important. We see smaller numbers of people using Tinder during the morning hours. But, it’s the perfect time to increase your matches count if would like to establish new connections. So , if you’re cutting classes or putting it off till 6 pm, or even later because this is when the evening comes for the majority of people.

Another good time to play matches can be during the lunch breaks. It’s recommended to attend your first game in the afternoon after school or during lunch break (3–4 after 3–4 pm). There are lots of students on the campus and you’ll meet lots of potential partners.

It is also possible to get matches at night after dinner. If you’re awake late, you may be able to have matches early in the morning, or even late at night (8–9 at night). It’s really dependent on the time of day that you’re receiving your matches. After work hours, they’re more likely to be on Tinder since there’s more time their hands.

If you’re looking to continuously make new friends, then Tinder boosting is the best option. It’s very easy and inexpensive to perform and takes only less than a minute.

What’s the best day to Make use of Tinder Boost?

If you’re looking for a quick hookup There’s no better time to hook up as Friday or Saturday. The average is 3 times the number of people who use Tinder on these nights than there are on other nights.

If you’re trying to get the most of your time and have several matches within a short period of time, you should try Tinder increasing your speed during these two dates. Pro Tips To set your Tinder Boost early in the morning, then deactivate it if there are any matches that are scheduled to end before 5 pm. This means you’ll have only a few matches and will be in a position to swipe without numerous swipes. So you’ll be able meet people that are more important than those who are seeking a hookup.

What’s the Best TinderBooster Package?

There are numerous types of Tinder Boost packages. They all have the same goal: to make sure you get as many matches as you can and in the shortest amount of time that is possible without any effort whatsoever. Although they might have various ways of increasing the number of matches on your account but they usually provide an “boost” that appears at the top of your page for a brief period of time.

You can decide to increase your profile multiple times or just a small amount. Prices can vary in accordance with the quality that the product or service is providing, as well as business.

A lot of companies offer Tinder Boosting with a quite numerous packages according to your requirements. There are numerous businesses offering Tinder Boosts, and all offer different ways to use them. There are the free version, paid ones and many more!

What’s the best time to Start Tinder?

Based on a study conducted done by Tinder themselves they found three times the number of users on the site and these are:

- The weekend of Friday and Saturday (as as previously stated)

- Lunchtime: 3 pm to 4 pm

- Monday through Wednesday 8 am until 9 am

If you’re seeking a great opportunity to increase your matches and meet new people, you can try opening Tinder three times during those three times.

When you first launch the app, you’ll receive one match. If it’s not the person you’re looking for simply leave the app and then quickly restart the app to receive the second one.

What is Super Boost on Tinder?

As of 2017, there are a variety of ways to improve your Tinder profile. There are two kinds of Tinder Boosts available:

1. Sign up Boost

This service is typically not a cost, but you get various boosts based upon the cost you are paying each month or annually. You will not receive regular boosts as part of this type of offer. That means that if you don’t take the boost, there’ll be no change to the game’s activity. It is very beneficial for subscriptions that are new and for continuing to receive new matches without the need to buy more boosts on a regular basis.

2. Daily Boost

This kind of service offers you a daily boost in exchange for only one time payment. If you decide to cancel the service your activity on matches remains the same until the following day, when you’ll see all the boosts added to your profile.

Any of these options is excellent, it’s up to you to choose which one is superior.

Are Tinder Boost Worth It?

If you’re interested in knowing the truth regarding whether Tinder increasing your profile is worth the effort or not We can assure you that it isn’t. Yes, it is true. It’s possible to find dates using the fundamental features that are part of Tinder.

If you do have a date however, you probably won’t be able to get to know the person you met after. So in the event that you don’t have the cash or aren’t afraid of being in debt, do not purchase Tinder Booster.

What’s the Best Method to Get More Matches?

The best way to gain the most matches from Tinder is to make the time in your schedule to complete the survey.

If you’re looking to meet someone new, you’ll likely find those who are seeking something particular in a partner. It’s an excellent method to find more matches on Tinder and just takes a few minutes!

Pro Tips For Using Tinder Boost

1. Make A Fake Image

False Tinder profile are very popular at the moment, and that’s because they’re simple to obtain. When you’re posting a false photo of yourself, you’re likely to receive more matches than normal. But, it’s better to upload a photo of yourself that doesn’t look as you do, preferably the one that shows you looking the most attractive. This might sound odd, but looking good on Tinder is essential to get more matches.

2. Have Your Profile Updated

If you don’t want have to go through the hassle of creating a fake image of yourself, you could change your profile rather than taking pictures of different angles. It’s also possible to make small tweaks which will improve your appearance. This is the way people go on Tinder since if your profile looks appealing, matches will follow.

The best profile you can find on Tinder is one with many positive reviews and positive remarks about it. So, you’ll have more matches.

3. Beware of Fees

It’s true that the Tinder profile makes it very easy to meet someone and so be sure to stay clear of the feed and click the skip button when you come across people you don’t want to be with. So, you don’t be competing with anyone else and your odds are much greater of finding someone keen to meet.

4. Say Hi!

If you find yourself in a relationship with someone Send them a text message explaining the reason you’re interested in meeting with them. Inform them about yourself or your hobbies and the kind of people you’re looking for.

It makes them feel confident about who you are prior to the date so that there will be no awkward silences or doubts. This is ideal for those who might be shy when speaking about themselves because it eases the pressure and makes it easier.

5. Include Your Pictures on Your Profile

One of the most effective methods to look like you’re a normal Tinder person is to snap some photos of yourself. The trick is to choose photos that show the kind that person you’re, and photos that give a great first impression. This will give your potential partners confidence when they look at your photo and will make your friends be more at ease with the thought of dating someone exactly like you!

6. Stay Up-to-date with the latest news

If you don’t add fresh photos of yourself to the profile of your Tinder account, then it might be a bit difficult for the matches already know about your profile. If you’re keeping up on your posts, the matches already exist will see the updates and will you will feel more confident about yourself. Post a blog post (or more than) every few days so that people can see the things you’re doing and the impression will be that you are to be “witty” and/or something.

7. No Swiping Left Ever

This is a bit of a simple one, but you’ll be amazed by the number of people who do this if you don’t incorporate it into your routine. When you’re making a swipe left it’s hard to stop your hands from doing it, but do not do it. !!!! It’s not worth your time in some games, and for others you’ll receive the message “Do Do Not Wish” which means they were not interested in any way. If they really liked you, they will not respond to you.

8. Don’t pay for Tinder Increase your Boost

If you’re looking to increase the number of matches you get or the number of matches you’ll receive, do not use the Tinder Boosting service. The best method for doing this is to make your profile more attractive and look for somebody you think might be ideal for a romantic date or for something more serious. This may be challenging initially but the more you play around with it, the easier it gets.

9. Utilize Tinder while you’re busy

If you’re looking to make many more people to join Tinder and meet more people, then utilize it while you’re working It’s that easy. The ideal time to use Tinder is from the beginning of the day up to midday. The majority of people get ready for school or work however they have time to look through and look at what’s happening all around them.

10. Update Your Profile

Keep your profile on the same level as people who are involved in a lot in matches, and also are well-known. The more well-known you are with your match-making partners, the higher chance they’ll be willing to answer your questions when you have them to meet.

11. You Must Put In The Time

It’s difficult to accept however, most guys do not take the time due to the demands of things to complete and activities they would like to complete. If you’re hoping to win more matches, you must spend the effort and time because ultimately you’ll reap the rewards due for your effort.

How often should you increase your Boost Your Tinder?

The most effective way to accomplish this is to set the frequency of when you’ll be boosting on Tinder. The goal is to increase each day to ensure that you’re not attracted to skip some days, and this keeps you engaged with Tinder.

Be sure to select the times of day which are not crowded, or times that are better to get matches. The idea of boosting in at the time of day or during rush hour is not a good strategy since everyone else is likely to be using the app during that time.

If you are looking to make many more people to join Tinder and you want to increase your chances of getting more matches, the most effective way to achieve this is to use the Tinder booster service. This way, you’ll be able to arrange it on an agenda and not skip a day of boosts.


Even though things are getting somewhat more complicated with all the people trying to swipe left and right. Tinder remains a great method to start when seeking dates. The best way to approach it in this scenario is to keep going and remain perseverant. These suggestions are what has worked for us. Hopefully they can help you as well!

We hope this article helped you. Thanks for reading! Do not hesitate to leave a comment for any queries.