Timeless Quality: Are Citizen Watches Worth the Investment?

Eric Cameron
9 min readMar 15, 2023


Timeless Quality: Are Citizen Watches Worth the Investment?

Being an extremely well-known watches in the world It is likely that you’ve seen the name Citizen for a moment or two. However, just because something is well-known doesn’t mean it’s the best and I’ve found this through trial and error with some things. This raises the question: are Citizen watches reliable?

In this article, we’ll look at some of the most well-known models as well as their competition to determine if the iconic brand is still able to maintain its elegance and high-end.

Nowadays, I consider myself an expert on watches. Just like a sweet dessert finishes a fine dinner, a new watch completes a perfect outfit. Although I mostly stick to an occasional rotation of trustee watches occasionally I’ll break out a flashy piece of jewelry to impress a date or evening out with friends.

Although I have an expensive timepiece every now and then. I always return to my regulars. What I am looking for in a daily watch include simplicity, elegance cheap and the ability to tie any outfit together. Does Citizen’s watches satisfy these criteria? We’ll dive through all of these aspects to identify the most reliable watch brand you can count on regular basis.

What are Citizen Watches?

If you don’t be aware, Citizen has been making watches for over 100 years! In fact it’s been around for 104 years to be precise (as as of 2022). With the same amount of experience the Japanese company, Citizen is a major brand within the watches market.

Citizen was the initial manufacturer to create watches powered by light. In 1976, following the launch of Crystal Solar Cell, the first analog quartz watch powered by light. watch, a revolution was created. Through the invention of Citizen the road was set for other businesses to follow.

Citizen also revolutionized the industry by introducing an automated assembly line that produces Citizen watch components. The assembly line was initially used in the 1970’s for the production of the quartz movement and continues to be used until today. The majority of the components of the Citizen watches is manufactured entirely in-house. Nearly every component comes from their country of origin, Japan which includes electrical chips, mechanical parts and much more.

The exquisite watches are made by specially trained craftsmen, known as Meisters or Super Meisters. The most expensive Citizen watches, like those made by the Chronomaster Quartz model are made by an experienced watchmaker with an unwavering dedication to his craft and has at least 30 years of watchmaking expertise with Citizen.

Citizen also set new standards with the release of the first titanium watch in the year 1970. Its model X-8 Chronometer watch was first electronic watch with a case constructed entirely of titanium. To further advance the technology, Citizen launched the first multi-band atomic-based timekeeping watch in 1993. The fact that it is timed in sync with atomic clocks permits they to be accurate to within a second of 100,000 years!

Things to Consider When Buying the Citizen Watch

As we mentioned earlier, Citizen watches are unique because almost each watch is designed and manufactured by hand in the company’s own factory. It’s impossible to locate a watch manufacturer which is as dedicated to creating high-quality watches like Citizen is. Simply put, no one can make the same kind of contribution to the industry that Citizen is making.

Citizen is dedicated to creating top-quality watches that keep track of time. In comparison to its rival, Seiko, which is known for its inability to keep the track of time. It could be a good idea if you’re looking for an excuse for being late everywhereand make it appear that your watch tells you that you’re in time. It’s just not feasible.

Quality doesn’t have to mean expensive, however. Citizen is determined to make their watch reasonably priced,while getting the quality of some of the most expensive brands, like Rolex. Yes, Rolex may be flashy traditional, but also sturdy but Citizen is always seeking revolutionary innovations that will transform the world of watches like they have done since the beginning of time.

Sure it’s true that an Rolex might attract the attention of the woman or man you’ve tried to please however once you’ve impressed them, you’ll not have money to take them out on dates because you’ve paid for the metallic glimmer that you wear on your wrist.

Citizen Watch Reviews

1. The Citizen Promaster Professional Diver

A Citizen ProMaster Professional Diver has been on my list for quite a while. Its simple design is an elegant design that shouts “everyday watch” It is an ideal watch to add to your routine that is sure to draw attention and earn respect. This classic piece is ideal for every occasion and for every daily. Its flexibility is an attribute that cannot be beat by the other watches.

Another advantage of the watch’s durability and durability. Many watch manufacturers will put an unpretentious diving watch on the market to be part of the club. However, Citizen isn’t like most firms. Famous for its quality, Citizen hasn’t budged with their watch.

The Promaster Professional Diver has a three-hand quartz movement that has an electronic date display. It is equipped with Citizen’s exclusive Eco-Drive technology. This means that it can utilize any type of light source to recharge the battery. Therefore, unless you’re Patrick Star, who literally lives in the shadows and never has a battery power again.

Promaster is also known for its accuracy. Promaster is also well-known for its precision, with +/-15 sec/month precision in the normal temperature range from five C from 5 to 35 C.

The price is a huge advantage for this watch. If you are thinking of top quality, you would think of a pricey tag that comes with it. But not with this model. Being one of the more inexpensive models, you can receive everything you might desire and require in an item of jewelry.

You’ll find the look, durability usability, practicality and dates. (Not the type of date! The watch displays the exact date!) Everything you could want is included in one wristpiece. I highly endorse this wristwatch.

2. Citizen Eco-Drive Chronograph Citizen Eco-Drive Chronograph

This is another watch that can be worn with everything. Aren’t those my top choices? This is not without reason, however. It’s the perfect combination of practical and classy and simple, but stylish and modern. It is classic, but stylish and sexy. The last sentence could be a prank, but you’ll get the picture.

My favourite part is the fashionable leather band. The band provides the watch with a the sleek appearance that can be worn for daily life, but also will impress potential clients or employers by your refined fashion sense.

The face of the watch is packed with features hidden under a simple cover. The watch’s stainless-steel case is the renowned Japanese quartz mechanism. Similar to other Citizen watches the one here is solar-powered. A few of the features on the face of the watch I’m not even sure what they refer to! It’s pretty cool, isn’t it?

The watch’s diameter is 44mm, which makes it an ideal watch that is suitable for wrists of any size. It has a one-fifth second chronograph that can measure between 60 and 120 minutes. It also has 12/24 hour time as well as a the date. It’s waterproof to 100m or 333 feet. Also, of course, the quartz eco-drive, powered by solar power.


3. Romaster Dive Automatic

For the flashy men out there, get your timepiece right now. This timepiece will be noticed everywhere you go. The high-end metal band is a beautiful accessory to an already elegant watch. For those who love attention, this one will bring you the most attention you could imagine.

This isn’t your typical watch. It’s your watch for the yacht. It’s the one you don’t wear when would like everyone to ask what you do at work. That is, “Are you rich?”

The combination of gold, silver, and royal blue mix effortlessly. The serrated bezel is a reference to a fugu. This is the Japanese name given to pufferfish. On the back of the case you will also see the engraving of a fugu. The masterpiece that is the bezel that rotates joining the stainless steel case in gold tone that is joined by the silver band could not be made more beautifully.

It’s possibly it’s one of the more fashionable watches that I’ve listed, but the most inflexible. It’s definitely a choose-your-outfit smartly however it could be the perfect complement to that perfect outfit.

4.CZ Smart

Ghasp! A smart watch? Are I a fake-watch man? Let me tell you that the CZ Smart watch is not the typical Apple or Samsung watch. The CZ blends your traditional notion of a watch’s style with contemporary technology of today. Inspired by the design of the traditional sport watches of Citizen’s past, you enjoy the sophisticated look you seek in watches, without losing out on the revolutionary technology of tomorrow!

The watch comes with an LCD color display as well as being powered by the most prestigious tech firm, Google with its Wear OS technology. Have you ever purchased coffee using your watch? No, I haven’t. But this watch may alter this.

The watch is compatible with Android and Apple It gives the user the option of choosing which phone model you’d like to purchase. Particularly if you’re on team Android just like I! All fun and games aside, prefer the look and feel of a traditional old-fashioned watch but with the latest technological advancements, then this watch is the watch to get all the benefits of two worlds.

While I’ve spoken about practicality, this might seem the easiest to implement. With a real computer connected to your wrist it is possible to have endless possibilities. One of the best things is that that you can enjoy all the features and freedoms you want without losing the style of a classic, sexy wristwatch that you wear.

What are other people’s opinions about Citizen Watches?

As an ingenuous, world-renowned brand, customers will have plenty to review your products. Of course, reviews have generally been positive. If you’re skeptical, take a look. Here are a few short reviews written by Citizen customers.

It’s very difficult to find any negative reviews on an online citizen’s watch. The verdict is in. And the reviews are all positive. When you work for an organization that is as dedicated to innovation and quality as Citizen is, you’re sure to be able to get plenty of great reviews.

My Thoughts on Citizen

What I Like

I’m convinced that Citizen is among the most popular watch brands there. It is hard to find the same price and quality that Citizen provides.

- Citizen watches are available in all price ranges, which makes them affordable to all. Even purchasing a lower priced Citizen watch does not mean you sacrifice the quality.

- There’s a broad range of styles to suit the various types of individuals seeking a high-quality watch.

- Free shipping is available to The United States, and a 30 day return policy. Warranty is also available on the majority of watches.

- There is no need to replace the batteries of their solar-powered or light-powered watches.

- Citizen watches are available for any occasion. Whether you’d like to be a normal person or even be a bailer someday.

What I Do Not Like

Actually, I’m struggling to find something I dislike regarding Citizen watches. If I really want to be selective, perhaps I’m able to say I do not like the colors of a few watches, but that’s not a problem for the company. This is just my personal preference.

In conclusion

It’s time to address the major question. Are Citizen watches good? My answer is the definitive yes! It’s difficult to find a watch of the same quality as Citizen in any field. They have fashionable and robust watches that are difficult for anyone to match.

In the end, only you will be able to answer this question by yourself. Does it fit your style? Do you think it is appropriate for your style of living? I’m here to give you the facts. Now , it’s your turn to decide on your own. What are your thoughts? Are Citizen watches good?