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5 min readFeb 11, 2022

This birthday letter for my ex-boyfriend is a message of remembrance and appreciation for those people who were a very special part of our feelings and who at some point along the way filled our hearts with their love and their wonderful essence, but like everything else in life. Life always has an end and it was up to us to say goodbye letter.

Relationships do not always go as we would like and are affected by countless situations that lead them to end and accept separation and breakup as the best way to avoid hurting themselves.

This does not mean that the bond is totally lost and it is not possible to continue with a relationship of affection and friendship that leads them to maintain contact and have beautiful wishes on special dates such as Christmas, the New Year and birthdays.

This is to continue maintaining communication and not lose sight of who was important to you and for whom you feel great affection.

That is why I want to send you a beautiful birthday letter for my ex boyfriend, it is not bad when you are clear about your feelings towards him.

We only hope that this birthday letter for my ex boyfriend will help you to congratulate and send some nice words for that person who, despite time and distance, is still a friend, a counselor and a confidant when you need him:

Birthday letter for my ex boyfriend

Birthday Letter for my Ex Boyfriend

I know you never liked the congratulations on this date, but I wanted to take the dare to send you this birthday letter for my ex-boyfriend, as a way to express the love that I still have for you.

I thank you for all the time we spent together and the beautiful memories and moments that brought happiness to my life and tenderness to my heart.

So I hope you have a wonderful day and that all the people who love you are with you and fill you with a lot of love and happiness because you deserve it.

Through this birthday letter to my ex-boyfriend I want to thank you in a very sincere way, because, although our remote love story was something very beautiful for both of us, I have no doubt that we agree that our friendship exceeds The expectations.

Birthday words for a former love

Because it brings us closer in a way that perhaps we never could when we were dating, because it is even more beautiful and special when we learn to know each other much better as friends.

This is a day to smile and to take advantage of it together with that wonderful family that you have, because in addition all the ingredients surround you to be happy and to make this day an exciting and unforgettable moment.

It is one more year of life, one more year where you have surely achieved many goals and you will achieve many more, because a year is coming for you to continue to overcome barriers and develop all your dreams, which I hope you will achieve very soon.

For many ex-girlfriends it is not easy or convenient to write a birthday letter to my ex boyfriend and to think about all the comments, I feel that we are lucky to have had a healthy breakup and without hurting each other.

We finished in the best way and that allowed us not to close all the doors to consolidate a beautiful friendship like the one we currently live, which gives me the opportunity to congratulate you on this day because I want you to remember it through these words.

The best birthday letter for a former love

My message is to tell you that being able to share this date with you is a blessing that allows us to strengthen the bonds of a love that has been undergoing transformations, but that, even so, has never decreased in intensity, so now our affection is more of friends than boyfriends.

I also want you to know that even if we have gone through difficult times and problems, that taught us that perhaps it was not the right direction to continue being a couple.

Even so, we knew how to keep our sanity when the storm got stronger, to accept the reality that allowed us to finish in a healthy and constructive way.

All this allowed us not to hurt ourselves and to preserve the best of our essence, which lives and beats in our hearts, to build this intense friendship and today I can tell you that I pride myself on being your friend and I hope you enjoy this day and have fun as never, happy birthday.

Birthday messages for my ex

This birthday letter for my ex boyfriend is not understood by some people because they may not conceive the idea that two people who once loved each other, can build a beautiful friendship.

The most important thing is that together we know that these types of negative thoughts, phrases or comments are totally far from the reality of a sincere affection, but based on the love of two friends who only want the best for each other.

That is why I reiterate my happy birthday wishes to tell you that I hope with all my heart that every minute of this day you can have a smile on your face that makes your eyes shine with happiness.

Thank you for being such a nice person and for helping me know what it can feel like to be a true friend, a giant happy birthday hug my dear friend and ex-boyfriend.

Images and Messages to congratulate my ex-husband that I still love on his birthday

If, contrary to this birthday letter to my ex-boyfriend, your feelings are of love and you have not been able to forget the man you love. withered hearts.

Leave those tears aside and discover how to recover and fall in love with your ex boyfriend or husband more than ever and make him return to your arms to leave this moment as what it will surely be, if you make the right decision, just a bad memory.